LEAD Journey Practice Steps #5 to #8

1) THỰC HÀNH PHÁT ÂM/ROL (Read Out Loud): Hãy thực hành kỹ năng Phát âm thật chỉnh chu, kỹ lưỡng với những đoạn văn này, đảm bảo rằng Bạn phát âm các từ thật chuẩn xác, nhấn nhá trọng âm, phụ âm cuối. Đây là nền tảng cốt lõi để Bạn LÀM CHỦ kỹ năng GIAO TIẾP tiếng Anh trong thời gian tới.

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Practice Step #5

The Big Payoff
The payoff for developing high levels of self-discipline is extraordinary! There is a direct relationship between self-discipline and self-esteem:

• The more you practice self-mastery and self-control, the more you like and value yourself;

• The more you discipline yourself, the greater is your sense of self-respect and personal pride;

• The more you practice self-discipline, the better your self-image becomes. You see yourself and think about yourself in a more positive way. You feel happier and more powerful as a person.

Practice Step #6

Napoleon Hill concluded his bestselling book of the same name by saying that “Self-discipline is the master key to riches.” Self-discipline is the key to self-esteem, self-respect, and personal pride. The development of self-discipline is your guarantee that you will eventually overcome all your obstacles and create a wonderful life for yourself.

The ability to practice self-discipline is the real reason why some people are more successful and happy than others.

Practice Step #7

When you master the power of self-discipline, you will become unstoppable, like a force of nature. You will never make excuses for not making progress. You will accomplish more in the next few months and years than most people accomplish in a lifetime.

Perhaps the most important insight of all with regard to success is that to achieve greatly, you must become a different person. It is not the material things you accomplish or acquire that matter so much as it is the quality of the person you must become to accomplish well above the average. The development of self-discipline is the high road that makes everything possible for you.

Practice Step #8

Think long term
The most successful people are long-term thinkers. They look into the future as far as they can to determine the kind of people they want to become and the goals they want to achieve. They then come back to the present and determine the things that they will have to do—or not do— to achieve their desired futures.

This practice of long-term thinking applies to work, career, marriage, relationships, money, and personal conduct. Successful people make sure that everything they do in the short term is consistent with where they want to end up in the long term. They practice self-discipline at all times.

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LEAD Journey Steps #9 to #12

LEAD Journey Steps #9 to #12

LEAD Journey Steps #5 to #8

LEAD Journey Steps #5 to #8

LEAD Journey Steps #1 to #4

LEAD Journey Steps #1 to #4

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